10 Red Carpet Looks From Little Cindy Movie Premiere In Buea. You Need To See – MissGinaPromotes

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Syndy Emade and Nchifor Valery
Syndy Emade and Nchifor Valery

The movie ‘Little Cindy‘, tells the story of a 7 year old talented singer and heir apparent to the “Alom’s Empire” gets missing in their home at the party thrown on her behalf by her parents Mark and Carine Alom a peace and loving couple. Panic grips everyone as the search for Cindy…If you missed the premiere in Buea make sure to catch up with the movie premiere  in Kumba on the 26/05/18 at Maclord Hotel.

Ebai(Little Cindy)
Ebai(Little Cindy)
Lynno Lovert(Little Cindy)
Lynno Lovert(Little Cindy)
Libota(Little Cindy)
Libota (Little Cindy)

Little Cindy was written,produced,directed by Billy Bob Ndive Lifongo and edited by Agbor Obed.
The Cameroonian movie “Little Cindy” stars Libota McDonald,Solange Ojong, Mayorchu Atem-Ebai,Syndy Emade, Nchifor Valery, Nkwah Kingsley,Lynno Lovert and Stephanie Tum.

Above and below are some of our favorite looks from the red carpet:

Watch trailer below!


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