Movie: Watch Trailer For Season Two,Of The TV Series “Three Wives”.

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As the Drama spills into season 2 of the series,THREE WIVES,Sylvia finds out that she is not only pregnant,but infected with the deadly HIV virus.It is hard,coming to terms with this status,the consequence of which is an attempt to take her own life…..but is,thankfully rescued by Grace.As a result, Patience becomes uncomfortable having her living in there home,thereby urges her husband to take her back to her parents,once she was out of hospital.Becky craves to become a mother,but her dream is being Check-mated by her husbands’ workaholic tendency,thus creating little or no time for focus towards achieving this desired objective.She is however bent on realising this dream,even if that means activating her plan B. Mr Ekwa meanwhile isn’t finding it easy with his wife who had just discovered he is responsible for Sylvia’s pregnancy.
Some excitement and more tension erupts when Mr Lifange brings home his very macho and good looking cousin, Frank, from the village.His appearance in the compound causes a stir amongst the ladies as he sets to unleash the charms in him…..but is he going to be a “player” or a protector to the ladies….or a potential threat to their husbands?
Ruth decides against her husband bringing in a second wife by agreeing to allow Sylvia live with them,if the cries of a baby was going to alter the dynamics at home for the better…..but is that going to be so when Sylvia does move in?……or Ruth will cause Sylvia to get to her wits end? the result of which would be the unveiling deep secrets, some so dark about the “Three wives”,as to get the audience gasping for breath in anticipation…..All of these,only in Season 2,
Watch the trailer below.


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