Daphne Njie

Daphne Shares Her Grievances Concerning The Crisis In The Anglophone Region Of Cameroon!

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Daphne Njie
Daphne Njie

Daphne Njie laments! The Calee crooner took to her Instagram page today, to express  her sad feelings about the current crisis going on in the English Regions of Cameroon, especially “Buea” her home town. The Stevens Music frontline artist had this to say; see screen grab below…

Daphne certainly isn’t the first celebrity to share her grieve concerning the predicaments being faced in Cameroon, as we have other artists like; Mic Monsta, Mr. Leo and Salatiel who actually composed and recorded songs concerning “the struggle” for Peace. With the number of persons these artists influence through their songs could their voices be heard and could peace actually reign in our once peaceful country?. Let’s hope so.

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