President Of Buea Djs Association, Dertsman Dj, Reacts To Dj Wazabanga’s Post | MissGinaPromotes

President of “Buea Djs Association” Dertsman Dj of Las Vegas Snackbar reacts to his Dj Wazabanga’s post.  Click here to read what Dj Wazabanga said earlier. Derstman disagrees with Wazabanga and this was what he had to say: “djs pls promote 237 music bcuz of the love n the industry not money or personal interest ok

“I Won’t Promote Songs For Free Anymore” – DJ Wazabanga(Buea Dj) | MissGinaPromotes

Dj Wazabanga demands money from artists! First of all you might want to know who a “DJ” is in the first place. A disc jockey, often abbreviated as DJ, is a person who plays existing recorded music for a live audience. Buea based Dj of Ebony Snack bar Dj Wazabanga Champion took to his Facebook account to

MGP Exclusive Interview: Abah Innocent Tells Us About His Career As A Make Up Artist – MissGinaPromotes

Nigerian talented male make up artist Abah Innocent who has made a fortune and a clean name in the world of beauty enhancing is our guest on today’s special edition of the “Miss Gina Promotes Exclusive Interview.” He talks about his career as a make up artist in general, Let’s get to it below. Miss Gina Promotes:

“To All My Fellow Artists in Camair Just Know You Are The BEST AND NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS…We Shall Build Our Own MARKET AND CLOSE IT ” – Magasco Speaks Up! – MissGinaPromotes

Magasco is worried! Hello MGP Readers, it’s the first day of a New Week and we have an interesting content for y’all from Magasco. The “Golden Boy” Magasco has a message to all his Cameroonian colleagues. He took to his Facebook to share this; “After doing my little research I found out Cameroon is the

Was “Dans La Sauce” The Genesis And Revelation Of Reniss’ Music Career? – MissGinaPromotes

2 years ago, 30 year old Cameroonian singer and songwriter Reniss Kien released her hit song “Dans La Sauce” which got her more than 2million YouTube views in about 6 months.Due to the popularity of the song at the time, it was actually the unofficial anthem of the Cameroon indomitable lions in the 2017 African

Star Profile: Cameroonian Actor Lynno Lovert – MissGinaPromotes (Movies)

Charming Cameroonian actor Lynno Lovert, popularly called Lynno is one of the most talented actor in the Cameroon Film Industry today. Lynno started acting at age of 13years old and did his first movie called “Heaven Forbids” under Startrack Movies, produced and directed by the Late Thomas Belton Achu.He has been acting for so many

The 2018 All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) World Media Calender Unveilling Will Take Place In GHANA – MissGinaPromotes

We received a press release from the organizers of AFRIMA AWARDS. The 5th edition of this prestigious Awards World Media Unveiling will take place in Accra, GHANA.Keep visiting us for more information. Read in full! The 2018 All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) annual calendar of programmes will be unveiled on Monday, May 21, 2018 by

Cameroonian Rappers, Jovi and Maahlox Spreading Positive Vibes! Maahlox Replies Jovi’s Tweet… – MissGinaPromotes

Jovi and Maahlox spreading positive vibes on social media! 2018 seems to be an amazing year in the Cameroonian music industry as we can clearly see some positive vibes in the Air. Despite the numerous events happening in the country at the moment, the Jovi-Tenor-Maalox social Media collaboration has been one of the most outstanding

“TENOR Gotta Fill Up Palais De Sports” – Jovi Speaks Out! – MissGinaPromotes

Few weeks back after the Congolese star Fally Ipupa came to cameroon and filled up the palais de sports with his numerous fans, a couple of Cameroonian artists like Tenor and Maahlox took up a challenge on their social media to announce that they will be attaining fally’s record in no time. Tenor on his